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The EN-Node is an open-source National Environmental Information Exchange Network (Exchange Network) Node that can be freely downloaded and deployed by any Exchange Network partner.

This Node supports both the Exchange Network Node Specifications version 1.1 and version 2.1. It is available for both .Net and Java platforms and includes a number of common data exchanges used by EPA and Exchange Network partners. This repository will include source code, a binary installation package, Installation Guide, Administrator Guide, Data Flow Developer documentation, and sample code for both the .NET and Java versions.

EN-Node is owned and maintained by the Environmental Council of the States on behalf of the Exchange Network.


Major features of the EN-Node software include:

  • Supports both Exchange Network v1.1 and v2.1 Node specifications
  • Supports both on-demand and recurring-schedule exchanges
  • Includes integrated Node Client
  • Integrated Data Flow engine allows users to configure and add new dataflows with no coding, deployment, or third-party software
  • Integrated "Operation Manager" enables optional validation and review of XML files prior to outbound submission
  • Integrated "Data Viewer" enables viewing of parsed inbound data, which can be configured for any existing or future data flow
  • Includes quick-start templates for common data exchange scenarios



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